Extensions - Your Website Pages

Our salon website solution has been designed to make it easy to "bolt-on" website extensions, either initially, or at any stage in the future.

The range of extension options is described below.

Explore our range of demonstration sites that feature all of the available extensions.

Appointment Request

This is a highly successful feature of all our salon sites, as it provides a convenient way for your clients to request an appointment via your website.

Salon Services

You have given a lot of thought to the range of services you provide and potential new customers will be keen to see if you offer the services they are looking for. Use this page to promote your services in an attractive and appealing way.

Find Us 

The Find Us page features a stunning Google map which includes the ability to pan and zoom, shows the exact location/address of your salon and even includes a satellite image.

Salon Tours

A potential new client will want to see the kind of environment you have created for them, and this page helps you do that using a series of colourful images. As an option we can provide an animated "virtual tour" of your salon using inexpensive "flash" technology.

Gift Certificates 

Choosing presents for a friend or relative is increasingly difficult and a salon gift certificate is an increasingly popular choice. This module gives customers the convenience of purchasing gift certificates online and provides a useful way of generating revenue for your salon.

Staff Bios

Your staff are your biggest asset and clients like to know what level of expertise they have to offer. An increasing number of salons are using their websites to provide bios on their staff to give clients the confidence that they will receive a top class service.


A website is a powerful communication tool and promotions can be an effective way of increasing business, provided your customers know about them!

Style Guide

This style guide comes in the form of an interactive slide show and is an ideal and fun way to illustrate what can be achieved for clients.


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