Style - Website Design Options 

When a client searches for salon services and they find your website, they need to be impressed with what they see, so the website design and your content needs to give a stylish impression.

At Solutions4Salons we understand the need for great design combined with content that maximises the conversion of visitors into appointments.

We provide a range of design approaches and options with some examples shown opposite.

The standard and premium template options offer an affordable approach but for those salons that require a unique and individual design we also offer a high quality design service.

Standard Templates

The small gallery below shows examples of our highly affordable standard templates.

Each template can be customised by:

  • Adding your salon name
  • Adding a logo
  • Changing the colour scheme
  • Changing the imagery used
  • Adding your own unique content

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Premium Templates

The premium template examples below provide more design intensive template options.

Premium templates can be customised in the same way as standard templates for any type of salon to give your website an individual and stylish look.

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04. There are a range of different website page types you can add...