Highlights - Adding Fizz to your Website

Our range of salon highlights will boost the power of your website and generate further appointments by helping you communicate better with your clients, increase revenues by selling profitable products online and reduce costly no-shows using SMS text messaging technology.

Salon Campaign

One of the best ways to keep clients loyal is to communicate with them regularly through newsletters and special offers. Salon Campaign provides a means of building an email distribution list and sending out attractive email campaigns at virtually zero cost.

Salon Store

Online sales continue to boom and the Salon Store module offers an affordable way to sell your hair or beauty products through your website.

Salon Messenger

"No shows" are very costly for any salon business and SMS texting is a proven technique for reducing their frequency. Salon Messenger is a low-cost and easy to use system that allows individual or groups of clients to receive SMS reminders or even promotional messages.

Salon Flash

Add dynamic movement to your website with Salon Flash.

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