FREE Salon Website

Search engines represent a huge opportunity for you to market your salon services to your clients. Our FREE salon website offer is designed for you to take full advantage of this opportunity without the usual upfront investment.

The objective is to generate new enquiries and appointments for your salon using proven online marketing techniques. This website will be search engine friendly and widely submitted to online directories, to ensure it gains maximum visibility online.

All you pay is a small fee for each enquiry and appointment we generate on your behalf.

How Does It Work?

The free website offer uses the following approach:

  • You choose from one of 5 different design templates each with up to 5 different colour schemes.
  • We ask you to provide an electronic copy of your price list and up to 6 digital photo’s of your salon and complete a simple questionnaire.
  • We do the rest!

The website we create on your behalf will include the following pre-defined pages:

- Home
- Prices
- Services
- Salon Tour
- Appointments
- Promotions
- Find Us

We also provide a free local telephone number which appears on the website, along with enquiry and appointment request forms.

Example of a Free Salon Website

Free Salon Website

How Much Does it Cost?

The website itself is free but we charge a small fee for each enquiry and appointment that the website generates. All calls made to the free phone number and all enquiry or appointment request form submissions, are monitored and a monthly report and invoice is emailed to you. If you wish, you can login to a website to check that the details on which the invoice value has been calculated are correct.

The bottom line is that you only pay when you receive new enquiries and appointments!

There is a minimum monthly fee of £15 per month and the fees are:

£2.50 per contact form or appointment request submission
£1.50 per telephone enquiry

In addition we ask for an initial payment of £45 (equivalent to 3 months of the minimum monthly fee) to cover initial administration costs.
Note – there is a minimum contract period of 12 months and the above prices are exclusive of VAT which will be charged at the standard rate.

Are there any other options?

Yes, you can choose from any of the following options but please be aware that additional charges would apply.

-    Changes to the design and content of the “free” website.
-    Additional pages.
-    Website extensions or highlights.
-    Content changes

See for more details of these options.

Why are you able to offer a free website?

Since 2006 we have gained a great deal of success and knowledge about the salon marketplace. As a result we are very confident that the website we supply will generate large numbers of new enquiries and appointments.

As an example we have a number of salon clients in central London and their websites regularly generate over 500 new enquiries and appointment each month. Outside of London and in smaller or rural town location the results are still impressive. As an example, a salon in a small Sussex town received an average of 40 new enquiries and appointments each month throughout 2009.

What Happens Next?

The nature of our “free” website offer means that it is limited by location. Make sure your salon doesn’t miss out on this opportunity by contacting us now on 020 8286 9822 or click here to register your interest.