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Salon Gold

Your website represents a potential goldmine for your salon but the majority of salon websites fail to deliver this potential bonanza for their salon owners.

In contrast, Solutions4Salons clients enjoy websites that attract new clients and appointments very day of the week. Consider the following facts about our success in helping salons like yours turn their websites into a goldmine:

  • One of our clients receives 90% of their business through their website
  • The salon website ranked #1 in Google worldwide was developed by us
  • Another salon receives over 5 appointments per day through their site
  • We developed 3 out of 4 of the top ranked salon websites in London 

With our Salon Gold service your salon can enjoy similar results and your website can become a goldmine.

How It Works

Solutions4Salons has over 5 years experience in developing salon websites that perform extremely well in search engines. Our success is based on a thorough understanding of how to make a salon website search engine friendly and how to position the site online, so that it receives large numbers of highly targeted visitors.

Generating visitors alone is not enough however, we also understand how to design and develop salon websites that convert a high percentage of visitors into paying clients.

The Salon Gold Process

Step 1 - Your site is re-developed using our superb web development platform

Step 2 - The re-developed site goes live and we start work on the search engine strategy

Step 3 - You gain access to our easy-to-use site update tool

Step 4 - We continue to analyse, review and improve your website

Step 5 - Your salon starts to benefit from increased appointment levels

Case Study - Karine Jackson


Discussions with Karine Jackson started in 2004 and at that time their site had been developed in Flash and wasn’t generating much new business for the salon.

Solutions4Salons was engaged and the site was re-developed but the overall brand imagery was retained. During the re-build process the site was optimised for search engines and the content improved.

Since that time the salon’s website has gone from strength to strength and now generates the majority of the salon’s business.

Here are some recent stats:

  • Over 16,000 visits so far in 2009
  • Monthly average over 1,800 visitors
  • 72% of the above were first time visitors
  • 55% of visitors from search engines
  • Top search term “Hair Salon London”

The average number of enquiries and appointments generated so far in 2009 is over 500 per month.

In 2009 the site has been re-designed and further work is underway to improve the site’s functionality and performance.

Contact us to find out how the Salon Gold service will boost the performance of your website.